Monday, May 16, 2016

Mitt Romney and the 'Never Trump' NYMZA?

Mitt Romney, former US presidential candidate who lost to Barack Obama in 2012, has made a name for himself these past several months as a figurehead and banner carrier of the Never Trump movement of the 2016 presidential race. Romney's most recent desperate shenanigan was to recruit now buffooned Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse to make a third party end run around Trump, theoretically backed by those theoretical swarms of True Conservatives who vehemently oppose the New York business tycoon's apparent nomination as the Republican candidate. The Nebraska Republican smackdown and reprimand of Sasse reflects yet another rejection of Mitt Romney.

Will this finally put Romney's anti-Trump crusade to rest? Who knows? So far, no matter how popular Trump continues to be and no matter how many others embrace the presumptive nominee, in spite of any earlier declarations to the contrary, Romney keeps popping off against Trump. In fact, in spite of public dismissal and derision of Romney from people who actually voted for him in 2012, Romney seems determined to continue his Never Trump crusade.

I asked myself why Mitt Romney seems so hell-bent on pushing this agenda against Trump reaching the White House. Might there be something deeper in the background? Who would stand to gain from the Never Trump movement? The Washington DC Republican status quo political class, for one, but many of them are beginning to go in for Trump now. That prompted me to ask the question: If Romney is so strongly behind the Never Trump movement, then who is behind Mitt Romney?

I'm not going to go into a lengthy rehash of things already covered back in 2012, rather I will note a few things I didn't know. Right off the bat, I found Deutsche Bank. Yep, DB who factors somewhat prominently in my analysis of 9/11 posted both here and also covered in my book Origin: The Nineteenth Century Emergence of the 20th Century Breakaway Civilizations. According to Dialog International on January 28, 2012, Deutsche Bank managing directors and investment bankers scrambling to donate to Romney's campaign (already closely tied to Goldman Sachs) turned up in a Huffington Post data trawl. DB senior executive Barry Bausano, a David Rockefeller Fellow and CFR member, had even hosted a "posh" New York City fund-raising event for Mitt Romney. Deutsche Bank was big on Romney, it seems, because, as reported on July 25th, 2012, Deutsche Bank stepped up its backing of Romney in spite of the winds of favor blowing in Obama's direction. Why? The author of the article suggests that Romney would have blocked any prosecution of DB for their role in the mortgage crisis (see my book Origin and the film The Big Short).

But that's not the only reason DB seems to have pushed for Romney, as Matt Phillips says in an October 10th, 2012 article at Quartz ( that Romney would have been good for the currency market. Phillips cites DB analysts who thought Romney's policies would have resulted in a stronger US Dollar, though would also have been bad for the gold market. (Hmmm, 'bad for the gold market' is mentioned in the same positive light as a stronger Dollar. Might 'bad for the gold market' have been beneficial to those who want to keep the spotlight off gold a la Joseph P Farrell's interesting research?). Those same DB analysts, writes Phillips, were also confident that Romney would have backed off Bernanke whose presence was good for Wall Street to the tune of a 15% increase for them when the rest of us were screwed. This 'softening of Romney if elected' was reiterated by Cordell Eddings in an October 15th, 2012, article at -- citing specifically Dominic Konstam of Deutsche Bank. It's interesting to note that Konstam had been hired from Credit Suisse, itself under negative scrutiny for the FIFA scandal and eventually admitting to hiding Iranian bank transactions from US authorities. Does Credit Suisse have any ties to Mitt Romney?

Executives and/or employees of Credit Suisse did indeed contribute $645,620 to Romney's 2012 campaign. Credit Suisse, of course, merged with UBS (United Bank of Switzerland) in which Mitt's wife's trust fund had socked away $3 million, a little fact that came to light during the 2012 campaign. So what, you say? Well, in Covert Wars And Breakaway Civilizations (AUP) our pal Joseph P Farrell cites UBS among financial institutions (including DB) that were party to the Golden Lily gold and bearer bonds scandals, listing UBS specifically as one of the banks whose agents were embedded within post WW2 intelligence operations in order to protect the proposed hidden system of finance by which breakaway civilization activities are financed -- more specifically, the fascist Nazi International associated breakaway. Yes, that would be the breakaway founded by NYMZA/NJMZa. But a mere $3 million sheltered account couldn't be enough to implicate a NYMZA/NJMZa backing of Romney, so let's dig further.

What do we have so far: the $3 million sheltered by UBS, the 2012 push by Deutsche Bank analysts for Romney, DB exec Barry Bausano's swanky 2012 campaign fundraiser, $645,620 from 'private' Credit Suisse backers. Could there be anything else suggestive of NYMZA/NJMZa in Romney's background?

It just so happens that Daniel F. Runde was a member of Governor Romney’s Foreign Policy and National Security Advisory team and Co-Chair of Romney’s International Assistance Working Group. Runde is also quite the player in South America, refuge of Nazis. Runde worked in corporate finance at Alex. Brown and Sons (now part of Deutsche Bank) in Baltimore, but then ended up in Argentina, as a consultant to BankBoston’s corporate foundation. BankBoston has a long history linked to its association with the Massachusetts Bank, among its past account holders John Hancock, Samuel Adams and Paul Revere. BankBoston's parent institution financed the first American trade mission to China in 1786 and also sent the first American ship to Argentina in 1791, thus beginning the bank's presence in Latin America with a headquarters office in Buenos Aires. Romney's guy Runde next served as an Assistant Vice President for Commercial Banking at Citibank in Buenos Aires between 2000 - 2002. A significant portion of Runde's career has been spent in South America. He was the head of Republicans Abroad while in Argentina and his father in law is Domingo Cavallo, the Argentine Minister of Economy convicted of embezzlement who is also a visiting scholar of the David Rockefeller Center. Cavallo was also a president of the Central Bank of Argentina and he is a 'neoliberal' who had a hand in currency issues. Cavallo was convicted along with former President Menem, the Peronist politician for whom Cavallo had been Minister of Foreign Affairs. We all know the history of the namesake of the Peronists and the Nazis, so herein might we have yet another thread to NYMZA/NJMZa associates. Romney's guy Runde is also a Life Member of the CFR and was more recently a key foreign policy advisor and fundraiser for Governor Scott Walker’s 2016 presidential campaign. Runde has publicly stated his opposition to Trump. Could it be that his bankster masters don't like Trump's banksters?

It should be noted that Donald Trump has done business with Deutsche Bank to the tune of $2.5 billion since 1998 with various Trump companies. The loans continued even after Trump sued the investment division following the 2008 housing finance debacle. If there is a NYMZA/NJMZa thread between DB and Trump, it will likely be the topic of a future post here, believe me. And before you Democrats get all excited, remember that Deutsche Bank also paid Hillary Clinton $485,000 for a single speech following her tenure as Secretary of State which was very good for DB.

However, as you can see, there are a handful of threads between Romney and the NYMZA/NJMZa milieu. Might DB's encounters with Trump thus far have provided them the intelligence required by NYMZA/NJMZa to make their decision to back the Never Trump effort? Is the nagging talk about another Romney bid the echo of NYMZA/NJMZa breakaway hopes? Time may tell.

Whatever the case may be, my opinion is that something is behind Mitt Romney's stubborn persistence and I'm not buying that it's only his ego and possible White House aspirations. I propose that those two factors are being manipulated by expert handlers behind the scenes and the threads are so far leading to the NYMZA/NJMZa-Nazi International breakaway cabal.

May 16, 2016

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