Tuesday, January 16, 2018

January 16, 2018

Some people have asked me why I don't post blog reports more often. Believe me, I've asked myself that. The answer is always that I just don't feel right posting things when I'm not moved or compelled to do so. Some of my colleagues do research that relates to current events. Most of mine doesn't. At least, not enough to turn out a constant flow. That's why I'm increasingly referring to the personal experience angle in my commentary because what relates to current events where my stuff is concerned, I've already posted. When something new emerges or is brought to my attention, I'll blog about it. But frankly what's 'in the news' doesn't interest me enough to go on and on about it. Most of that stuff is theater.

I took my Empire of the Wheel research right up to the point where the next step would require digging even deeper and really getting into some investigative journalism activity beyond the scope I already took it. And 'They' have already made it clear to me that they're watching. Yes, there is still a 'they' here in the San Bernardino Valley. But I am jumping back into it anyway so let's see what happens.

Here's what I think: There is something beneath all that I've found, something I had not reached before. This suspicion will drive the direction of where I take this investigation from this point. When you consider all that I've found traces of so far, whatever is there has got to be big.

I'll soon find out...