Monday, November 21, 2016

New Book!

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  1. I enjoyed your latest work ... your writing has really improved over the years and there were slightly fewer wildly speculative departures in this work than your previous ones. Kind of. For what it's worth there is a reference to a "Milton Knight" who (supposedly) was head of CIC in Fort Worth (at some point) in the book "Witness to Roswell" in relation to Walter Haut towards the end. I'm skeptical regarding their attribution to CIC ... well, about their whole book really ... but the connection would provide some food for thought.

  2. An astonishingly and mesmerisingly illuminating book from pespectives never before entertainted on the events surrounding the Roswell incident and classified USAF mind control programs. Not even Friedman or Thomas J. Carey did investigate the idea of subterranean civilizations or implanted narratives in their books. Skeptics will always be skeptics, but this book provides some really fascinating insight into the possibility of co-existance with some other beings that have managed to remain in the shadow for a very long time. The question that troubles me most is what underlies their motives. Could all UFO sightings be attributed to the activities of those creatures underground, or there is something much more disturbing to this problem? Best regards to the author. I hope that he writes something else with the same spirit of mystery.