Sunday, April 16, 2017

Relative To Coast to Coast Tonight!

I thought I'd refresh this post I did a couple years ago, since George Knapp and his guest are talking about Butch and Sundance tonight...

Why Butch and Sundance and Etta Were Never Caught...


  1. Since I have read about this in your books, I keep reminding myself of a 2014 situation with the former BBC’s Top Gear crew (Clarkson/Hammond/May) in Argentina, when they were filming the Top Gear Argentina Special. They started from the Butch Cassidy’s and Sundance Kid’s ranch, and then completely tuned into the runaway Nazis story in Barriloche, making clear references to it (how it was something of a parallel „normal“ world, where runaway Nazi’s even took driving tests etc.). Then they followed some dodgy mountain paths between Argentina and Chile, ending up in Ushuaia, Patagonia, where they were attacked by a crowd of – something like neonazis, led by one Oswaldo Hiller, allegedly because of license plates on Jeremy Clarkson’s car – H982 FKL that were regarded as reference to the 1982 Falklands war .

    I don’t think that this would be of interest in the context of your writings if there wasn’t for something that happened almost simoultaneously with the ruccus caused between Argentina and Britain because of this. Argentine ambassador in the UK demanded that the BBC cancels the scheduled Top Gear Argentina Special broadcast for Christmas 2014, but the BBC did not, and they even included the raw footage of the attack of the crew in Ushuaia and how the camera crew and technicians had to flee with vehicles over an illegal crossing into Chile. This aggravated the situation with the Argentine Ambassador in the UK even more, until something happened on January 18th, 2015, and that was the day that Alberto Nisman, Argentine lawyer who worked as a federal prosecutor, was found dead in his home in Buenos Aires.

    Nisman was appointed Special Prosecutor in charge of the investigation of the 1994 Argentine Israelite Mutual Association building bombing in Buenos Aires, killing 85 people and injuring hundreds. According to the prosecution, Argentina had been targeted by Iran after Buenos Aires' decision to suspend a nuclear technology transfer contract to Tehran. Nisman rejected the 2013 memorandum of understanding signed with Iran to investigate the case. Two years later, he accused Argentine President Cristina Kirchner, Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman and other politicians of covering up Iranian suspects in the case. The report was largely based on wire tap reports of close allies of Kirchner alleged to be "clearly acting on orders from her" and others, including Mohsen Rabbani, a former cultural attaché at Iran's embassy in Buenos Aires. This situation with Nisman found dead silenced the Argentine diplomats for a while, since the information of Peronist – like schemes have once again hit the world media, and Christina Fernandez de Kirchner and her late husband, former president Nestor Kirchner, are from the Peronist line. Christina Kirchner later claimed that Nisman was killed by her political opponents in Argentina with the goal to mark her as the culprit, but the situation with Alberto Nisman does not only refer to the 1994 AIMA bombing case. Nisman was also very open about the existence of a something more than just a legacy of Juan Peron in Argentina’s politics and state affairs. He was indicating that there are people who are clear successors of Nazis in intelligence and security circles in Argentina, and who do not refrain from wearing Nazi insignia necklaces, chains, pendants etc…

    After Alberto Nisman was found dead on January 18th 2015, Argentine Ambassador in the UK switched to less conspicuous ways of going after the BBC for the Top Gear’s adventure in Patagonia, and focused more on Jeremy Clarkson. Whatever posture that man maintains on television (and it’s mostly a posture of an obnoxious oaf) he is known for a his WW2 and technology documentaries he made for the BBC and which are considered by some as groundbreaking in terms of little known facts, including those relating to some sort of breakup that the US had with Britain and its technological concepts after WW2, after the failure of the Morgenthau plan to de-industrialize Germany.
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  2. (continued from previous comment)
    It did not take long to build a case against Clarkson in public. In March 2015, he was suspended by the BBC from Top Gear following a "fracas" with one of the show's producers over catering while filming. It involved Clarkson punching producer Oisin Tymon and Tymon also claimed that Clarkson had called him a "lazy Irish cunt". Clarkson disputed this, but he eventually resigned and moved over to Amazon Prime, together with James May and Richard Hammond, to do “The Grand Tour” car show that is now entering its second season. Some say at BBC that this was a culmination of the grudge between Clarkson and BBC’s former director of television Danny Cohen, who Clarkson kept accusing of being “Marxist” and destroying the true spirit of the BBC, while Cohen called Clarkson “racist”. The word is also that Oisin Tymon was long against Clarkson while working as a producer. What was needed then was some additional public pressure from the left liberals protesting together with Argentine Ambassador against the BBC and British politics towards Falklands, and there you go. But, all this did start at the Butch Cassidy’s and Sundance Kid’s ranch, and, knowing the magnum opus of Jeremy Clarkson, this was not a coincidence.

  3. Yow ! Wonder what ELSE this guy knows.