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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Secular Games: a Ritualistic Perspective on Apollo1

   As I covered this subject in a streaming episode of my YouTube channel, this post should be considered a companion piece to that discussion. Therefore, I'll get to the point: Upon examination of facts in the case of the Apollo 1 launchpad disaster that killed astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee, I find a disturbing possibility that this event could have been a ritual of human sacrifice. I will simply present the points of evidence and the readers may decide for themselves. Before going any further, I remind the reader that I am presenting this for consideration. There are multiple possibilities here and one of them answers to any dismissal of the following as mere 'apophenia'.
   The Secular Games were an event held in ancient Rome over the course of three days and three nights to celebrate the end of one period and the beginning of another, that period known as a saeculem which was a measure of 100-110 years, based upon an hypothesis that this was the original span of a human life. This tradition began with a father who prayed to the gods for his ill son/children. The father was instructed by the gods to take his son/children to Tarentum, a port city on the southeastern Italian coast, where he would make a sacrifice to the underworld deities. Along the way, the father was then instructed to go to the place called Tarentum at Campus Martius in Rome, where he was to give the child/children water heated on an altar on that site. The sacrifice of animals was part of the Secular Games festivities, specifically made at night to the three fates, called Moerae, and also daytime sacrifices made to gods. Theatrical and civic elebrations were held in conjunction with all this activity. The final day's sacrifices were made to Apollo. A closer inspection reveals a disturbing resonance between the Secular Games and the details surrounding the Apollo 1 disaster.
   First, some pertinent facts about sacrifice. The most common place of sacrifice of animals or human beings is an altar. despite what many assume, the most common sacrificial altar has not been the flat table-style, rather it is the pillar, sometimes a standing pile of stones. The most common method of sacrifice is fire, the burnt offering. In fact, a prominent god associated with fire sacrifice is Agni, whose name corresponds with 'fire'. It is notable that Agni is the guardian deity of the Southeast and is placed in the southeast of temples that venerate him. Three levels of sacrifice are associated with Agni: Earth, Atmosphere and Sky -- specifically the Sun. Also notable is the 'horse sacrifice' which I will point out also has resonance with the subject at hand. Sacrifices can have multiple intentions but all serve the desire of establishing a relationship with the gods or beings being worshiped or beseeched. Buildings or other structures may also be sacrificed, usually to repel demonic powers and avert calamity in future use of a particular site. It's also worth mentioning that Agni is considered the source of the 'creator-maintainer-destroyer' triple cycle, which correlates to the Topological Metaphor put forth by Dr. Joseph Farrell. Though most sacrificial practices are openly known to historians, the ancient mystery schools conducted secret sacrifices, the details of which remain unknown to this day.
   What might any of this have to do with Apollo 1, the first Moon mission of the United States' space program?Certain key details and facts relative to the Apollo program and Apollo 1 in particular bear a direct resemblance to details and activities of the Secular Games of ancient Rome. I will comment on whether this was a witting emulation by people involved with the program or if it was a synchronistic occurrence following a review of the apparent evidence.
   On 27 January 1967, 62 nations signed the Treaty on Principles Covering the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space Including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies. ceremonies were held in Washington DC, London and Moscow, as the treaty was designed and agreed upon by the USA and the USSR on 8 Dec 1966 and ratified by the UN eleven days later. On this same date, at 11:31pm GMT, 6:31 EST, fire swept through the command module capsule atop the Saturn rocket on the pad at Cape Canaveral during a pre-launch systems test. Astronauts Grissom, White and Chaffee endured horrific deaths in the flames, the ground crew unable to open the capsule hatch in time. A closer look reveals resonance that cannot be dismissed as a mental trick.
   The Secular Games featured celebrations, both theatrical and civic. The signing of the treaty on 27 Jan 67 was made with ceremony, a civic celebration.
   The Secular Games centered around sacrifices, the astronauts were killed on the very day the space treaty was signed.
   The sacrifices of the Roman event were made to various entities -- but the night-time sacrifices were made specifically to the three Fates. The three astronauts died at night, burned alive in their rocket on the launchpad.
   The Roman site known as Campus Martius is where the sacrifices were made. Campus Martius means 'Field of Mars'. Cape Canaveral is America's 'rocket field', our main launchsite, and it has long been NASA's intention to send a crew to Mars, the Apollo program being one of the many steps in getting there. Thus, Cape Canaveral is essentially a 'Field of Mars'. And what of Tarentum?
   Tarentum was the port city in the southeast of the peninsular country of Italy. There was a Tarentum associated with Rome's Field of Mars, where the sacrificial ceremonies took place. Cape Canaveral itself is a coastal city in America's southeast, in Florida -- the well known peninsular state. Remember Agni, the fire god to whom sacrifices were made in Vedic tradition: He is the guardian deity of the Southeast, placed in the southeast of temples.
   The most common altar for sacrifice is the pillar. The astronauts died atop the Saturn rocket. What is a standing rocket but a pillar? Not to mention, the 'Saturn' rocket. Saturn was the Roman god of wealth and agriculture and renewal. In the Greek tradition, the pillar is considered the Center of the Universe, in the Vedic tradition the altar represents the Cosmos. Grave markers were also the sacrificial altar of choice for the Greeks. In this, do we have a revelation of theme in an Apollo 1 sacrifice? It's all about space and the altar itself becomes the gave marker, the fated launchpad is marked to commemorate the loss of the astronauts, sacrifice to man reaching for the stars.
   In Vedic tradition, burnt offerings are made on a square altar of stones called a Yajna. Sacrifices are made in a Yajna in one or three fires.What is the structure of the launchpad for Apollo 1 but a square structure of cement, which appears as blocks of stone. Apollo 1 represents the single fire, and the astronauts represent the three fires. The sacrificial pillar that was the Saturn Rocket stood upon this square structure when fire killed the astronauts, burning them alive in place. It should also be noted that in this tradition, math and geometry factor prominently -- as they do in astronautics and aeronautics, prominent in any space program.
   The father whom the gods directed to the Roman Tarentum at the Field of Mars was instructed to give his sick child/children water heated on the altar. At Cape Canaveral, America's Tarentum at NASA's Field of Mars, water is pumped beneath launchpads and the roaring flames of the rocket heat that water.
   The Secular Games lasted for three days and involved night sacrifices to the three Fates. The space treaty was signed on a Friday, in practice the beginning (or first day) of a weekend, effectively involving three days. The astronauts were killed on the evening of that same Friday. There were three astronauts, like the three Fates. It is interesting to note that the Christ myth involves three days: Christ dies in sacrifice on a Friday and emerges from the Underworld on the third day. Also note the Saturn theme here: The second day of the three-day weekend span is Saturday or Saturn's Day, the god of renewal, resonant with resurrection, ie the Christ myth. To add more fuel to this fire, consider that the Secular Games were held every 100-110 years, that period of the original human lifespan. The ages at death of the three astronauts were Grissom 40, White 36, and Chaffee 31 and added together equal 107, which is between 100 and 110. Grissom was just a couple of months from his 41st birthday and Chaffee was merely a couple weeks or so from his 32nd, which would have made the total 109, still within the range of the saeculum.
   It is a lot to consider. Whether you choose to agree or disagree with my suggestions, the above details are true. The resonances between places and numbers and symbology are there. But who would do such a thing as wittingly sacrifice the lives of three astronauts?
   There are three possibilities, as I see it. These are merely suggestions. I have no criminal evidence, only the facts above. The first hypothetical perpetrators would be American leaders using the space program, inclusive of the military-industrial element. Why might they have done such a thing? Consider the ancient father seeking to heal his ill child/children sent to the Field of Mars to heal them with the waters heated on the altar. Did someone at the top seek to 'heal' America's troubled youth/society of the late 1960s by committing a sacrifice of three astronauts on our 'Field of Mars', complete with what would, in future launches, include water heated by the fire of the rocket engines on the launchpad 'altar'?
   A second possibility would be a group within the space program/military-industrial complex itself. This would be a group of sci-tech mystics who may have used sacrificial rites to spiritually prepare Cape Canaveral's launch facility, NASA's Field of Mars, for future use, seeking to avert calamity, as was a common reason to sacrifice structures in ancient times. The more disturbing facet of the intention of such sacrifices is that no matter the multiple reasons for the sacrificial rites, they always ultimately sought to establish a relationship with the gods or entities being worshiped or beseeched. The rites also hoped to repel demonic powers. This begs the question: If some sci-tech mystic group embedded within NASA and the military-industrial aerospace complex used Apollo 1 as such a ritual, whom were they trying to establish a relationship with? What 'demons' were they trying to repel? Who or what had we already encountered in or from outer space that may have driven such a group to murder three astronauts in a launchpad sacrificial rite?
   If we were to attempt to identify perpetrators, I suspect those who had the authority to override any technical concerns that had been voiced or discovered prior to the disaster that killed the astronauts. There indeed was a report, the Phillips report of 1965, expressing concern. Gus Grissom himself, the mission commander, had also previously voiced concern about a wiring situation in the capsule. These appear to have gone unheeded, in the end. Sabotage by design could have been engineered, stubbornly adhered to despite misgivings, and thus carried out innocently by the technicians and astronauts thinking the system was safe. This would be akin to executioners not knowing who is firing the actual bullet or pushing the actual fatal injection plunger. Were these perpetrators performing a major act of high magic and the Phillips report served as their Revelation of Method?
   There remains a third option for a perpetrator and this is admittedly the most potentially bizarre. Might all the above resonant details have been arranged independent of any human hand? Might some intelligence have woven all the above threads together in a fabric of synchronicity of its own design? Might such an intelligence have used Apollo1 to affect its own result on the spiritual plane?
Did some such race of beings conspire to weave the above threads together in order to open its own gate to our world? I do not know. This is high and radical speculation.
   No matter what the reader concludes about the resonant associations outlines above, they are indeed there. The question skeptics fairly pose pertains only to the conclusions drawn from the above associations, but the details above are indeed facts. They are not imagined.
   You decide for yourself.

Walter Bosley, 7 Nov 19 (based on video steam posted on 3 Nov 19)

Sources:  Encyclopedia Britannica, NASA, Wikipedia, various.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Old Carousels On Telluric Currents

As promised on my YouTube streamcast last weekend, I will be identifying old carousels that are located on telluric current lines as identified by Sesh Heri for my research, per Latitude 33:Key to the Kingdom.

Return to this post to see additions as I add them to the list.

Disneyland, Anaheim, California. (Moved off a telluric intersection in 1982)
Disneyworld, Florida  (Reportedly also moved from original position on a telluric current)
Castle Park, Riverside, CA
Six Flags, TX (Placed there by C.V. Wood, the designer of physical Disneyland)
Glen Echo Park, Maryland
Pier 39, San Francisco, CA (Not an old carousel, but on a current)

More to follow!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Update: July 2019

As many of you know, earlier this year I released my latest volume of the Secret Missions series:
The Esoteric Napoleon (Vol1)... Available only print-on-demand at

I am presently working on Volume 2 and will release the cover art likely at the end of summer.

I met with the producer developing the TV series and all is progressing nicely. She asked me to dig into the material a little further on a couple of things so I've been doing actual EOTW research for the first time in five years. Stay tuned because this is going to be interesting.

I have given a couple of EOTW tours in the past few months and have one scheduled for next week. As more people read the books and realize they live close by, I get to do more of these.

Those of you who have read EOTW3 will be familiar with the synchronicity relevant to the tragic McStay Family murder case. The suspect's trial has been going on and as soon as I learn more, I'll comment here.

That's all for now, I'll be back soon.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Updates: 13 December 18

Hey folks!

I've been doing regular live sessions on The Walter Bosley Channel at YouTube for some months now, with the regular schedule finally settling on Sunday nights at 5:30 pm PST. They last a minimum of two hours and will increasingly stick to topics relative to my research. These initial weeks have been to acquaint the new viewers with me and my perspectives as well as commentary on events pertinent to the aspects of alternative research I'm involved with on a usual basis.

The new book, while delayed a few months, is actually going along very well. What I thought would certainly be a most interesting volume of average length (for me) in the Secret Missions series has evolved into what could be the best book in the series and perhaps of all my works so far. I want to do this one particularly well and that means doing it right so I'm taking my time. It will be worth the wait and it has relevance to contemporary issues despite focusing on Nineteenth Century figures and events.

Empire of the Wheel TV series development is also going strong! The producer is putting together the final elements of the package and hopefully not too far into the new year I will have an announcement regarding a network/streaming service.

I have been asked to appear on a Travel Channel reality series. Shooting will happen sometime in January or February, per the producer/show runner who asked me to keep that span of time open. The focus of my involvement will feature my theory on the Roswell incident and related topics. Once the date is set for shooting (and I know it's happening), I will announce which show.

I have said all year that I don't know with what I will follow up Secret Missions 4, but I may have something. For the past couple of years I've been looking at a contemporary situation here in the US that appears to have very particular roots dating back a few centuries. I will be pulling serious threads on this issue and if I'm right and there's something substantial enough to justify a book, I'll announce that. This prospective book will make a logical companion to Secret Missions 1, my Cabrillo/Sword book, though to what degree it will relate directly to the events and issues in that book I can't presently say, other than it will in a general sense. It's too early for me to say anything in that regard but it will be a most interesting one.

In the meantime, I'll be working steadily through the holidays on Secret Missions 4, while enjoying Christmas along the way.

More to follow...

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Latest Stuff

As the producer and development writer hammer out their exciting vision for the EOTW series, I'm opening up a little about something I've referred to elsewhere for almost a year as 'Secret Project 1' -- which is the development of another one of my books for television. The producer on this project came to me last summer and I kept mostly vague on it until now. I will reveal which book when the contract is final and the project moves to the next step.

This weekend, if you're in Pasadena, California, I will be at the AlienCon on Saturday, June 16th. This event is for the History Channel show Ancient Aliens on which I appeared in 2015 in an episode about Werner Von Braun. This episode gets replayed a lot so you may have seen it. I've also been acquainted with David Childress for sixteen years and he introduced me to Giorgio Tsoukalos back in '04. I look forward to seeing those guys and others I know this weekend. If you're there, look around for me.

Presently I'm immersed in the academic part of research for what will likely be Secret Missions 4, as yet untitled. I'm also working a little on my pulp fiction stuff as I gotta have some fun, too.

More to follow...

Monday, May 7, 2018

Empire of the Wheel: Optioned for TV

I can officially announce now that the Empire of the Wheel trilogy has been optioned for development as a dramatic television series. I have been working this issue for a month and am excited to see it go forward.

More to follow as it develops further...