Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Empire of the Wheel 2 Update!

The book is practically writing itself.

Due to another(!) major breakthrough in the research, I'm being urged to get this book out there ASAP. This one is not going to disappoint readers of EOW1, I assure you. As a matter of fact, it exceeds it. I never imagined that I would find what you're going to read in EOW2 associated with this mystery of the San Bernardino Working. I strongly recommend you read EOW1 if you have not yet, before reading the new one. These books are indeed a series and it will make the context a lot more clear from the start if you've read EOW1.

The content of EOW2 was so unexpected, even to me, that it managed to fill a book and forced me to move half of the original outline to the third book. That's right, there will most definitely be a third book. As a matter of fact, I have a tentative title. That title will be announced upon release of the second book.

I am so sincerely excited about this second book that it's not hype when I say that I cannot wait to release it. The hours I'm spending at the keyboard and in my research materials and doing interviews of sources are paying off and kicking my butt-- but I love every minute of it because the material is so exciting to me and I think it will be for the reader, too.

The first draft of EOW2 should be finished by this weekend. Next week I'll read it for content and continuity etc, and then give it two editorial passes to catch the spelling and grammatical errors that sometimes get through the initial filters. Next weekend I'll release the official cover art as I load the book into the POD program and Kindle. That will make the book ready on POD hopefully by a week from this Sunday (11 days from now) and on Kindle by sometime midway or late the following week (2 weeks). That is the plan, if anything changes, I'll report it here. Podcast and radio interviews are already set up and I want the book available by the time of those appearances.

Folks, this one is as important to me as EOW1. On EOW2, I think I've done a fairly good job casting light on this mystery that I stumbled upon in 2008 with the help of my colleagues Sesh Heri, Craig Guggolz and Anne Walker, the librarian who first told me about the enigmatic suicide named Cora Stanton. EOW2 is coming very soon and I think you're gonna like it.

More to follow...

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