Tuesday, August 12, 2014

EOW Killings: The McStay Family

For those who have read EOW3:The Nameless Ones, you will know that I classify the murders of the McStay Family, Joseph, his wife Summer and their two little boys, as an EOW related crime. Chapter 26 of EOW3 presents the facts accompanied by my explanation and speculation. I check in for the latest in the media for any possible updates or progress on the case, looking for more revealed clues as to why this family found themselves in the sights of EOW killers. As you can see by this recent report, nothing of note has been released by the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department investigators. This doesn't mean they have no new leads, it merely means they're protecting the integrity of the investigation. The detectives may very well have something that would be of interest here but who knows how they are interpreting it. As a former federal agent and currently a PI, I can tell you they are certainly working the case and my guess is that they indeed have some revealing leads or they are beginning to face some things that serve to introduce them to the Empire of the Wheel. But that is my speculation.

What are your thoughts?

CNN Report, June 2014


  1. Hello Mr. Bosley,
    Maybe you can help me, in your investigation did you come across any of these names:
    William James Kinley (W.J. Kinley)
    Florence E. Kinley (Duncan)
    Audrey L. Newman
    A house 28573 highland ave highland ca.
    An old masonic lodge in Riverside or Redlands
    Thank you for reading this.
    Susie Silveria

  2. I don't recall those names off the top of my head. I can check my notes. What is the context? What era and what are you investigating? (Basically. You don't have to reveal anything you don't want to. It just helps to know the context when looking for info.)

  3. The Masonic lodge in Redlands that I am familiar with is the one on Cajon, just a few doors south of the Fox Theater.

  4. Not sure I can explain or even understand myself. Although I do thank you for your response as I see by looking at this blog your are a very person.