Friday, November 14, 2014

EOW Interview Tonight!



  1. heck ! will be out zydeco dancing with the aunt, sis in law and husband....will be awaiting the recording with avidity. Break a leg Walter!

    btw, i sent you a message on facebook a while back with some info. on caverns in the gold country, as we're not 'friends' it was going to hit your 'other folder'? It has some more private/identifying info in there so i didn't want to post publicly. At any rate if you can scare it up i hope you find it interesting.

    Knock 'em dead tonite!! steph

    1. Look at the date -- That was Friday. But you can listen to the archive at the site! :) So you didn't miss it after all :)

    2. ha! well, i did look at the TIME - which is at the bottom of the post in bright contrast white type....usually if there's no date associated with the time on blog posts it means it was published today....on my screen the date (as in date, time) for the blog post is at the top of the post and barely shows up as it's in a darkish grey.....i had to squint from three inches away to spot it (eyes bugging out emoticon)! Between nearsightedness and cataracts.....

      oh that is hilarious but now i know to dog the dates on your site :) And yippee! new Walter!

      what the hell, knock 'em dead tonite anyways ;) steph