Monday, March 9, 2015

Secret Missions 2 Update

Update on Secret Missions 2: I'm still very much in the research and investigation phase and some very good things are turning up. The book's outline is essentially mapped and what I've collected is serving to bring things into even better focus. This couldn't happen if my basic thesis were not panning out anything, but it is. Fortunately for me, one of the most important archives I need to consult is quite close, geographically speaking. As regards publication/release of the book, I have a lot more research to do and also some other publishing business to attend to, with a May 1st deadline on my magazine. But I promise you, those who liked Empire of the Wheel 2 and the first Secret Missions book are gonna love this new one. As a matter of fact, I very much (hint hint HINT) recommend that you read Secret Missions: The Hidden Legacy of Old California and especially (HINT) Empire of the Wheel 2: Friends From Sonora while you wait for Secret Missions 2, if you haven't already.

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