Thursday, May 7, 2015

LUSITANIA: The San Bernardino Working Begins

Today is the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Lusitania -- the first act of black magic in the sinister San Bernardino Working.

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  1. Love your books,
    Speculating a bit here so please allow for that. In your books there is a suggestion that we might see a repeat of the San Bernardino Working this year. Do you think the dates would line up or is there a lunar component to the dates of the murders? What were the phases of the moon on the dates of the original murders so that we might compare events today?

  2. Thanks! Yes, I do indeed suggest that and still keep an eye out for an emergence of such an unfortunate possibility. I have yet to do a lunar analysis but it might be intriguing. I think the phases can be determined by the dates identified in the first book and I did check weather records for those dates. If I also noticed lunar phases, I can't recall them but an old almanac or even an ephemeris online would reveal that. Let me know if you do it! I'd love to know :)

    1. So I finally got around to looking at the dates. The murders all took place half-way between the transition from one phase of the moon to another. The pattern was the the New moon to the 1st Quarter. It changed with Cora to the 1st quarter to Full and then Orta Hedges was 3rd Quarter to New. Braid was back to the pattern of New to 1st Quarter