Friday, November 11, 2016

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Weirder...

I said in the Mitt Romney post that I would address Donald Trump within the NYMZA context. Well, I have looked more closely and recent information (recent for me, anyway) has spun my perception of this like a top. I'm going to just get straight to the point on this one.

If you have read my works, specifically Empire of the Wheel 2: Friends From Sonora and Origin: The Nineteenth Century Emergence of the 20th Century Breakaway Civilizations, you will know of my research and opinion on the mysterious Sonora Aero Club and NYMZA(NJMZa) and the breakaway subject in general. I have gone on the record as being firmly anti-NYMZA(NJMZa). I conclude that NYMZA(NJMZa) is aligned with collectivist globalism, something to which I am vehemently opposed. Readers of the above books will also know that I propose there exists a breakaway civilization founded by what I call the '1903' and that I think they can and do oppose NYMZA/NJMZa and its allies. The 1903, for those unfamiliar with my books, was a result of the dissolution of the Sonora Aero Club, a secretive group of German immigrants who opposed the growing imposition of NYMZA/NJMZa their oversight organization bent on military applications of the mysterious anitgravity technology the group was alleged to have developed -- in the 1850s. The leaders of the Sonora Aero Club quietly dissolved the group after the reported death of their chief, Peter Mennis, the man with the secret of the technology. But a mere few years later, an airship was proposed and demonstrated to Abraham Lincoln's representatives and was promptly forgotten. My readers already know that I do not think this was the case. Rather, I argue that the technology was developed after the Civil War in America's first 'black program'. That program led to the mystery airships of the 1890s, in my opinion, and ultimately the breakaway I call the '1903'.

And it is with the 1903 we find a connection to US politics today.

Where did I get '1903' for a moniker of this supposed breakaway civilization? From the legend that a mysterious group of financiers and investors backed the construction of a an airship that flew to Mars -- in the year 1903. You can read Origin for the details and refer to my sources as well, for the purpose at hand, I will continue with what is most pertinent to this article. Who designed and engineered this airship supposedly capable of flying to Mars in 1903?

Nikola Tesla. The world famous genius who came to the United States in the late 19th Century was known to have invented and designed many astounding things but also invented our present system of electrical power, alternating current. Much has been said of Tesla, some true, some not. Tesla died in January 1943 in Manhattan and within hours it is said someone entered his room and confiscated certain technical papers from a safe. During this period right after Tesla's death, it is a fact that federal agents also entered the room. These were agents of the Office of Alien Property ('alien' referring to non US person immigrants, not ETs), the Office of Naval Research and the FBI. Bureau documentation released on this issue indeed identifies the OAP as the organization that took custody of Tesla's papers and other property and also clearly states that FBI agents removed nothing from Tesla's room. These papers have long been a source of speculation easily as wild as those of mine that irritate my critics so joyously. There remain many questions about what exactly was taken and why, if true, these papers remain unseen by the public. What was in those papers? Who knows?

Might there have been something in the Tesla papers of special interest to the US intelligence establishment of the time? It was 1943 and the world was at war -- with Germany. Nazi Germany.
If you aren't familiar with the wonder weapons and other astounding things credited to Nazi Germany prior to and during the war, just Google it. The point is, the US intelligence establishment and the military were deeply concerned with what might be in those papers that Nazi agents operating in New York might find interesting. So specialists were brought in to review the Tesla papers.

What was their conclusion? That there was nothing of much value for defense and that Tesla was an old man whose last decade or so of life wasn't very productive in a practical sense. One analyst who reviewed the papers at the request of the FBI said that Tesla’s “thoughts and efforts during at least the past 15 years were primarily of a speculative, philosophical, and somewhat promotional character,” but “did not include new, sound, workable principles or methods for realizing such results.” And thus it was put to rest, as far as the FBI et al were concerned.

But was it really? Is it possible that there actually was something of vital import to the war effort and the FBI's special analyst went on record otherwise in cooperation with wartime national security directives? That is entirely possible. It might also be worthy of considering that said specialist could have been affiliated with an organization that preferred Tesla's papers be ignored or forgotten. Why? Maybe in those papers were proprietary technological secrets which the owners did not want known to the public or even exploited by the war effort. Maybe in those papers were Tesla's design schematics for the legendary Mars airship of 1903 -- and if that's the case, the party most interested in keeping Tesla's missing papers et al from public view would be the '1903' breakaway group, in my wildly speculative opinion.

Whose idea was it to suppress the contents of Tesla's papers? If the FBI, we can reasonably assume this served the war effort and national security. But what if the FBI reasonably accepted the conclusion of their specialist and let it go? In a scenario of suppression that was not on behalf of US national security we are left with an implication that the specialist might have been working on behalf of the 1903 group. The specialist might have discouraged US interest with an aim of averting development of the technology found in the papers. The specialist analyzing Tesla's papers may have kept the secrets of the breakaway civilization I call '1903' securely within the control of the group -- or perhaps said analyst merely withheld one secret: the Mars airship, the very project that I speculate might have motivated the very breaking away of the '1903' group in the first place. This would mean that the Allies could have benefited from Tesla technology yet not obtain the airship design. The '1903' group could have still let the Allies have secrets to turn the tide of the war without compromising their existence. It all rests on what the specialist who analyzed the papers actually shared with the FBI.

So who was that analyst?

John G Trump, the uncle of the current President Elect of the United States. A physicist and brilliant engineer affiliated for years with M.I.T., John Trump in 1943 had already been working on radar systems development for the war effort. John was the brother of Fred, the father of Donald Trump. But who could he possibly have been to the breakaway civilization I call the '1903'? What possibly could John Trump's connection to a breakaway civilization ever be?  (Photo left is John G Trump, courtesy Getty Images)

Recall whom I said the 1903 group emerged from. The Sonora Aero Club, the secretive group flying anti-gravity 'aeros' in California in the 1850s, according to the legend. That group of German immigrants who rejected the militaristic aims of their parent organization headquartered in Berlin, the NYMZA/NJMZa. The Sonora group included a member who designed these curious 'aeros', painted by Dellschau in 1920, of which I draw your attention to the names of the lower object in Graphic 1 and the objects in Graphic 2:



Multiple machines labeled TRUMP. Machines built by German immigrants who were very secretive and disappeared in America around 1860, never to be found again, we are told.

The men credited with these Aero Trumps were Dellschau himself and Jourdan, yet at one time Dellschau had named one of these Trump aeros the 'Homer Trump'. Was there a Homer Trump associated with the Sonora Aero Club?*

Donald Trump was the son of Fred, himself the son of a German immigrant named Friedrich Trump who immigrated from Germany to the US in 1885. Is it possible that there was a Donald Trump relative in the Sonora Aero Club? There is nothing to say that Homer Trump was not a cousin of the Trump clan related to Donald Trump. Homer could have come to the US in the mid 19th Century and been a member of the Sonora Aero Club. Since the club members were reportedly so secretive, this would explain no traceable connection to Donald Trump's immediate family (so far!) if said Homer Trump had disappeared at the dissolution of the club. Naturally, I will engage in further wild ass speculation on this.

What if Homer Trump of the Sonora Aero Club was involved in the subsequent black project that I argue for in the post Civil War years (see my books for the details). By the time of the late 1890s airship mysteries, Friedrich Trump, Donald's grandfather, had been in the US for a decade. That makes it possible for Donald's grandfather to have met the aero club Trump or that man's offspring. All of this makes Donald's engineer Uncle John more interesting. More specifically, it makes Uncle John being selected by the FBI to review Tesla's secret papers all the more enticing. It all rests on BIG -- 'HUGE' -- IFs.

IF there was a Trump family connection to the Sonora Aero Club via Homer Trump, and IF the club's technology and even perhaps Homer and other former members were involved with my hypothetical black project that resulted in the 1890s mystery airship sightings, then that might suggest, as I have speculated elsewhere, that the legend of the 1903 Tesla airship to Mars might be true. Thus IF true, and IF, as stated above, the Trump relatives of Donald were acquainted with the aero club Trump, then it can be suggested that the breakaway 1903 group might have a stake in keeping Tesla's designs or references to them suppressed -- and therefore, John G Trump would be a likely agent of suppression. As the technical analyst of Tesla's secret papers on behalf of the FBI -- John Trump could also have been an agent of suppression for the 1903 breakaway group.

What might this mean to us today?

Anyone who runs for President of the United States is going to have powers that back them up, especially on the unseen level. I have argued in a previous post that NYMZA/NJMZa had a stake in stopping Donald Trump and possibly exercised it through Mitt Romney's 'Never Trump' campaign. IF the NYMZA/NJMZa is so opposed to Donald Trump, who could possibly have opposed them and stand a chance of winning?

The 1903 Group.

Therefore, I propose yet another wild ass speculation of insane proportions that the NYMZA/NJMZa Never Trump cabal, the Republican Establishment (greatly represented by the Bush clan), and the Clinton political machine were all foiled by the silent backing of the breakaway civilization '1903' for Donald Trump, President-Elect of the United States.

One last thing. Look closely at the graphics above with the Trump aeros. They are numbered in a series. The series is '4500'. Donald Trump is going to be the 45th President.

What the hell, you might ask?


More to follow, to be sure...

-- Walter Bosley, 11 Nov 2016

*Updated information, 27 March 18
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  1. Mind blowing, fascinating, amazing. Looking forward to more!!!

  2. Pulling those threads big time Walter! This is, as GeorgeAnn would say, a WhopperDoozy. How amazing can it get ... keep pulling ;-) Thanks for the update ... ~MW

  3. If I didn't post before, congratulations Mr B you win the Queen of Hearts award for believing impossible things before breakfast. Can't wait for the new book. Keep up the wild-ass speculation, please!

  4. According to Wikipedia, the "original" Trump, ancestor of radar expert John and the latter's nephew Donald, is said to have been Friedrick who immigrated in 1885 and later went to Seattle. The article does not talk about other relatives who were actually already in the US and with whom the young Friedrick stayed in NY, but this could be ascertained from specialised online databases. He may not have been the first Trump to travel to the West Coast...

  5. So does this make Trump the good guy?

  6. If backed by the '1903', I would say yes.
    Though with conditions, where they would be concerned.

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  10. Someone over at Gizadeathstar just shared this with me and my jaw fell open when I saw it. During the January 13th vidchat over there I came to similar conclusions regarding John G Trump as a representative to hidden tech interests. Though I was totally unaware of the "1903" airship connections. Very nice find. You can't make this stuff up!

  11. Holy sh*t! This is beyond fascinating! You are connecting the dots in what is an absolutely mind boggling story. Bravo!

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  13. Folks, Trump's grandfather having run a hotel with prostitutes in the late 19th Century has no reflection on John Trump the 20th Century engineer uncle of Donald Trump, and the claim that his father was a member of the KKK is very weak, resting on that one 1927 news report that offers no corroboration of any membership in the Klan. I know that Trump is the polarizing figure of the year but I try to keep commentary here on target -- which is weird and speculative enough as it is! I say this because I decided not to publish a message that included those items. If the poster wants to keep it a little more focused, I'll gladly let it through. Thanks. :)

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