Thursday, July 3, 2014

Catching Up On The Latest

I just got back the other day from a six-day trip to the Bay Area where I attended the Secret Space Program Conference in San Mateo. I was along for the ride as a security consultant but it was one of the most pleasurable work experiences I've had. The event was hosted by Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Creations and featured excellent presentations by Joseph Farrell, Catherine Austin Fitts, Jon Rappaport, Richard Dolan and others. Not only was the conference a great and informative time, the actual road trips there and back were quite enjoyable and productive to my upcoming book research including a touch of Latitude 33.

Since the release of EOW3, I've taken some much needed though brief time away from "the milieu" to attend to other projects, one of which is my next book. This next book will be a 'quickie', only around 100 pages, and written with a co-author. Its theme resonates with EOW2 so keep an eye out for that one. We may tease the cover art (already created) this summer. One of the unexpected results of the trip up north last week is that I've come away ready to start on the follow up to the EOW trilogy sooner than expected.

The follow up book is a spin-off of the EOW research material, some of which goes back prior to my learning about 'Cora Stanton' for the first time, and of course a bunch of data collected since then. Until I identify a title, I'll refer to this book with the somewhat vague moniker of 'the California book'. This material I am quite enthused to finally be digging into with primary focus. It has been on the periphery since 2007-2008 but I had to get through the EOW books first. Now I can jump into this particular pool of mystery, adventure and intrigue and I'm excited. This weekend I'll be drafting an outline (subject to change, of course, as new data emerges) and the real fun will be planning the research expedition I will need to make happen. The California book is going to be a lot of fun all the way around and I'm confident you'll like it a lot.

Watch for posts here. I would like to do a running diary during the research and writing phases of the California book. This diary will not reveal the secrets of the book but it will allow you to sort of come along with me on the journey. I can't promise each entry will be the most profound thing you've ever read, but what diary is? Another thing it will allow me to do is have an interested audience so I won't have to bore the hell out of any travel crew-mates with my running commentary. Ideally, I'll be traveling with my dog and a couple others who will have their own agendas on the trip and I'll have the research time to myself. You can look forward to photos and interesting spots and my (always fascinating) insights. I get more enthused about this book the more I talk about it -- a good sign!

In the meantime, we have a holiday weekend here in the States. Our 'Independence Day' which I'm glad falls on Friday. I like going into holiday weekends with the actual holiday kicking things off.

I'll be back...

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  1. Hi Walter! Thank you for your nice reply, and i'm glad you had a great time in the Bay Area (though i'm not surprised, i love where i live!) Fiddle, i knew about that conference but it was fairly pricey and i wasn't THAT het on any of the speakers....though it would have been nice to see you, but i had no idea you'd be there! Fortunately i was in SF at a sewing blogger event, which was free and lots of fun (i love to sew my own clothes.......i'm toying with the idea of getting some of Dellchau's illustrations printed up on some nice silk and making a dress, maybe involving a balloon skirt - divine! just a few practicalities to iron out, copyrights and cash mostly ;)

    I of course i think a diary approach on this blog would be fantastic for your fans! You could add in some pictures of your loyal furry companion, too. And if there's some scouting or research people might be able to help with at various locations near where they are, you might even be able to rope some of us into helping out - you never know! Anyways, i'm happy to hear you had a great time with some interesting people, it's hard to beat that. Happy Fourth, please snorgle your poochie for me, and hope you're back in the Bay Area soon! steph