Monday, July 14, 2014

Radio Misterioso EOW3 Interview Posted

Greg has posted the interview, for those who missed it live:

Walter Bosley discusses EOW3 on Radio Misterioso


  1. beetling thru EOW2; kindle says 49% thru. Loving it! steph

  2. Hello Walter! really really really enjoyed Friends from Sonora! in the next couple of days i'll be kindle-ing EOW3, can't wait! I've also been listening to some of your older audio interviews as i dig them up - i was listening to one where you mentioned Joscelyn Godwin, so i'm assuming you're familiar with his 'Hidden Hand' theory about the occult factions behind the outbreak of Spiritualism in the 19th US? I am just finishing up Lachmann's bio of Madame Blavatsky and Lachmann mentions Godwin's theory in Ch. 5. I'm quite fascinated by that theory and am trying to track down some of Godwin's original material on that which Lachmann references in his book, which is very well done and a great read btw.

    re: underground civilizations - the area all along highway 49 is riddled with caves.

    many if not all are in private hands and have been so for decades....makes a person wonder, for sure! I'd be very curious to find out about any caves close to the Rosasco (sp?) ranch. Though you can count me out of any spelunking, like my father before me i'm a proud claustrophobe ;)

    Lastly, reading about May Quirk in EOW2 gave me a pretty good jolt - let's just say her name is a very straightforward play on my own identity. Close enough that i do not want to outline the relationship on a public part of the web.

    Hope you're having a great day!! Have fun, steph

    1. I'll check out Godwin's Hidden Hand material for sure.

      ANYTHING on the caves in that area would interest me. If I find any info on caves associated with the Rosasco ranch, I'll definitely share it.

      Let's discuss May Quirk in email...

  3. hi Walter! just bought EOW3 on kindle app, started reading and was staring a big synch in my lap within minutes - i wrote it up here:

    Happy Weekend! steph

    1. Wow, the ring definitely resonates! You've got a rose and the wheel in one. If you're ever at a conference I'm attending, we can discuss those 'unspeakable' things. I'm glad you're enjoying the books. I'm relieved that they deliver! :)