Friday, December 4, 2015

The Orta Hedges Synchronicity


  1. The other night, I was listening to an old podcast you did. I fell asleep in the middle of it, and suddenly Edward Snowden was off in his room talking about how grateful he was for the internet, for his ability to make his own blog and communicate the important things to the world. I was thinking it was so nice to have moved my bed into my living room so Snowden could have his own room, when suddenly my other roommate chimed in with Ed. Walter Bosley. So they're in Ed's room, heavy into conversation, and I'm knocking on the door, weirdly thwarting me while locked from the outside, and they don't even miss a beat, keep talking, leaving me out in the hall, unable to join in their conversation. I decide to get back in bed, leave them to it, when it strikes me to wonder why my front door has moved to where my refrigerator used to be. I was so vexed by this anomaly it woke me up, and there you were still rolling along in the podcast....