Friday, May 24, 2013

Five Star Review for EOW2

Here's what Joseph P Farrell (The Giza Death Star Trilogy, Reich of the Black Sun, Roswell and the Reich, Babylon's Banksters, Covert Wars & Breakaway Civilizations) says about Empire of the Wheel 2: Friends From Sonora:

"This book by Walter Bosley really intrigued me when I first learned of the subject: Walter is a friend of mine, and a colleague in this strange world of "alternative reasearch," so when Mr. Bosley shared with me in a series of emails some of the connections he was beginning to make, specifically with regard to (1) occult workings in some turn-of-the-century murders in southern California, (2) the great airship mystery of the 1850s - 1890s, (3) an unsolved conundrum that researchers of the airship mystery have been trying to solve for quite some time (specifically, the meaning of the mysterious NYMZA secret society written of by Charles Dellschau in connection with the airship mystery), and finally (4) the mystery of Etta Place, Butch Cassidy, and the Sundance kid and what the heck they were doing in Latin America (not to mention how they got there in the first place)...

"...well, I listened and read Mr. Bosley's emails with baited breath, but when I read this HIGHLY intriguing book (in one rather breathless sitting propped up in bed, I might add), I was truly dumbfounded. Mr. Bosley readily admits that this book is speculation, but I've rarely read a book of such speculation that makes profound sense, and leaves one with that deep intuitive sense that he is on to something big, and may have solved some very significant lingering mysteries (such as the possible meaning of NYMZA and its rather large significance). This is an intriguing volume, and in spite of Mr. Bosley's caveats that it should be read with its predecessor volume, Empire of the Wheel(and it should), it nonetheless draws the reader inexorably into a mystery and deep connections such that only a seasoned investigator like Bosley can uncover. So this volume can stand on its own for anyone seeking to understand the incongruities surrounding the airship mystery, Butch and Sundance, and Etta place.

I enjoyed it."

EOW Authors On The Travel Channel!

Rick Spence and I have been asked to appear in a new series being produced for the Travel Channel. The series is about strange mysteries and such associated with national parks. The Canadian production company is sending both of us to Montana where we'll interview in early June. EOW1 features material associated with Glacier National Park. I have no idea when it will air but will likely have that info when I return.

More to follow...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sunday, May 12, 2013

EOW2 Update

Well, if you heard any of the three interviews I've given in the past seven days, you know the big revelations. However, if not, the book is available now at the links in the previous post, Amazon Kindle and LuLu print-on-demand. By now, most of you know that I am a publisher -- of other authors as well as myself (and, no, no one pays me to publish them, thank you).

You have perhaps heard that I propose the true identity of 'Cora Stanton' was Etta Place, the alleged girlfriend of Harry Longabaugh of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid fame. Many of you under a certain age, say 35, will probably not know who she was. Look up Butch and Sundance and you'll find out. For those of you who are familiar with Etta Place, I recommend you read the book EOW2: Friends From Sonora because it's all in there.

Those of you who've followed this blog, my research and the books resulting from it will be pleased to know that the third book is happening. It looks like I will be writing it with Rick Spence, my co-author on the first EOW book. The third book will be titled Empire of the Wheel: The Nameless Ones and it will finally address the original discoveries I made in 2007 that set me off on this mad quest in the first place. I did not learn of 'Cora Stanton' until early 2008. Because that mystery predated a fair portion of my initial discoveries, I decided to explore it first. Since EOW1 was published in 2011, I've since investigated even more of the material that will be covered in EOW3 and there is some big stuff. I'm very excited to get the new book rolling, but just as excited that EOW2 is now available.

Here are some of the revelations of EOW2:

'Cora Stanton' was actually Etta Place and the how and why of it
The translation of NYMZA and the presence of the airship mystery in the EOW saga
The truth about Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in South America
The true identity of victim O.H.Bailey was F Lewis Clark and how and why

I will soon be chatting up EOW3: The Nameless Ones so stay tuned -- but you'll need to read the first two books to understand the context of the next revelations...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Upcoming Interview on EOW2

I am supposed to be the guest on Radio Misterioso this Sunday night, 8-10PM PST, at

Keep in mind that sometimes the show starts late a few minutes, but we will be on, so be patient.

I'm anxious to finally discuss the book in a public forum. There are a couple of revelations I'll be sharing so you're going to want to log on and tune in if EOW2 is something that interests you. This book happened really fast, actually. I had identified the direction a year ago, but just didn't get a start until about a month ago on actually writing it. What happened is that I made two discoveries that are big enough to carry the book and half of the original outline fit the third volume better, so it worked out. I wrote it in about three or four weeks, did a quick run through and a spell/grammar check and then went ahead and gave early copies to hosts and reviewers.

If you're here, I'm guessing you're sincerely interested in the EOW mystery. But I recognize it might mean little to other people. That's OK. We all have our things. Mine may not be yours. I'm excited about the book and what I'm convinced I've found and I can't wait to talk about it this Sunday night.

I'm also supposed to be on The Kevin Smith Show but the date is still being worked out for that. I'll let you know when that is set.

Rick Spence and I will be working on EOW3 together and the research is well past half way...