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New Book Now Available -- Kindle & Printed!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Centennial

Today is the 100th anniversary of the murder of Cora Stanton aka Etta Place

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Forum Borealis, Etc

I've been busy on projects lately. Last week, I spent four days on a research trip to Sonora, California, and now I'm preparing for my presentation at the SSP Conference in Texas scheduled later this month. I will be posting more regularly here again soon, but in the meantime here is my complete just-released two-part appearance at Forum Borealis:


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Breakaway Civilization Conference

If you've read EOTW2: Friends From Sonora and the Secret Missions books, you'll see why this event is an exciting and pertinent proposition.

The Secret Space Program Conference 2015 is in Bastrop, Texas. The dates are Oct 31-Nov 1. 
I speak on Saturday Oct 31 and my topic will cover related material from the following books: EOTW:FFS and Secret Missions 2: The Lost Expedition of Sir Richard Francis Burton, and other works as it relates to Breakaway Civilization theory. Joseph P. Farrell and Catherine Austin Fitts will also be speaking at this event.

Go to the event site for further details...

SSP Conference 2015

Sunday, August 9, 2015

'Ancient Aliens' Appearance

Here is the link to my appearance on the show: Ancient Aliens 
I first appear around minute 31

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Why Butch & Sundance & Etta Were Never Caught

OK, this one is simple.

If you've read Empire of the Wheel 2: Friends From Sonora then you are up to speed on the whole scenario I propose regarding the legendary and notorious Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid and their companion Etta Place. You already know that I have proposed Etta Place was a secular nun for an Episcopal order, likely one based in New York with posts in Texas, and was working undercover as a field asset -- not an agent -- for the US Secret Service. I also argue that she was assassinated in San Bernardino, California, on 18 Nov 1915 while probably still working for the Secret Service. The details and analysis are in the book, along with my theory about Butch and Sundance and their South American adventure. Again, refer to the book.

The question I am answering here is: Why did the Pinkerton men never catch Butch and Sundance?

Here's your answer:  Because they were never supposed to catch them.

Look at the history: Alan Pinkerton founded a spy network for Abraham Lincoln during the US Civil War. That very network subsequently became the US Secret Service. Pinkerton founded and his sons went on to run The Pinkerton Detective Agency. My book already presents the fact that William Pinkerton, who was in charge of western operations during the time of Butch and Sundance's activity in the US, was known to have been a patron of the very same saloon in which Butch and the gang partied and were supposed to have met Etta Place. The book provides the details on that also. Essentially, I argue that William Pinkerton was generally aware that Etta was affiliated with the Secret Service and the implication is that the Pinkertons stood down. Remember, the railroads were very lucrative clientele for the Pinkerton agency and, as laid out in my book, there may have been railroad involvement in Butch and Sundance's activity. Pinkerton had more than one good reason to play ball if Etta and the boys were working undercover and I've already covered that this would account for them never being caught while in the US. But why were they not captured in South America?

Frank DiMaio
Well, here's a big clue and possibly the explanation for the answer to why the Pinkerton men never seemed to catch Butch and Sundance:  Frank DiMaio.

DiMaio was the Pinkerton man in South America. He 'happened to be in Argentina' when Butch and Sundance and Etta headed down that way. In spite of the trio establishing and living on a ranch and interacting with people daily, essentially being sitting ducks, DiMaio was never able to make any headway in confronting them.It seemed his approach was to hang back. Hmm. Even after Butch and Sundance were alleged to be robbing banks and such down there, DiMaio's efforts came to nothing. Even when Sundance and Etta were going back and forth between South America and the US, DiMaio didn't even catch them in that process, which should have been relatively easy. This does not make sense to me and I've heard the debate. DiMaio should have caught them.

Unless he was not supposed to.

And why would DiMaio be instructed not to catch them?

DiMaio's career with Pinkerton got its start working against the Sicilian Mafia in the United States. His first big case was to work undercover in a prison in 1891, investigating leads associated with the assassination of the New Orleans' Chief of Police David Hennessey. It just so happens that DiMaio's cover was established and facilitated by the agency overseeing the case. This particular agency created DiMaio's cover among counterfeiters and agents of this organization made the fake arrest to place DiMaio in prison to get close to a Mafia suspect.

Now which agency worked counterfeit issues back then -- and still does?

The United States Secret Service. Yes, the Secret Service was the lead agency on the Hennessey murder case operation that inserted Frank DiMaio into a prison under cover as a counterfeiter. DiMaio was an operative under the control of the Secret Service during the prison operation. DiMaio's career is hallmarked by his exemplary work investigating the Mafia in the US in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. During this time, the Secret Service was the federal agency. There was no FBI then. The Secret Service was the lead agency on counterfeiting and all national security matters as well as criminal enterprises of immigrant communities, the Italian Mafia being the primary concern in that regard. Essentially, everything Frank DiMaio did most and best fell under the jurisdiction of the Secret Service. Therefore, it stands to reason that the Hennessey case prison operation might not have been the only time DiMaio operated under the supervision of the Secret Service, the federal agency with an intimate association to DiMaio's employers, the Pinkerton Agency.

Which brings us to South America. Frank DiMaio was the Pinkerton man assigned to pursue and report on Butch and Sundance and Etta in South America. If my speculation is correct that Etta Place was an operative for the Secret Service, then DiMaio may very well have been instructed to not make much of a real effort. In fact, it is quite possible that DiMaio could actually have been a support agent for Etta's assignment. If Frank DiMaio was an asset for the Secret Service, and there is documented fact to support this possibility, it explains why he was 'never able to catch up with them'.

In my opinion, Frank DiMaio's known history provides much to support my theory that Etta Place was indeed a Secret Service operative. I will add to this posting as I find more evidence.

Walter Bosley


American Mafia: A History Of Its Rise To Power by Thomas Reppetto, Henry Holt & Co, 2004

Spirit of Vengeance: Nativism and Louisiana Justice 1921-1924 by John V Baiamonte, Jr; Louisiana State University Press, 1986

American Mafia History, article on Frank DiMaio by Thomas Hunt, author of Deep Water: Joseph P. Macheca and the Birth of the American Mafia;

A conversation with my associate Rafe Marhefka

Thursday, May 7, 2015

LUSITANIA: The San Bernardino Working Begins

Today is the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Lusitania -- the first act of black magic in the sinister San Bernardino Working.

Empire of the Wheel on Kindle

Empire of the Wheel PRINTED edition

Empire of the Wheel: An Investigation of Occult Espionage and Murder

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Starting Next Phase On New Book

I have gone deep enough into the book research phase on Secret Missions 2 that I can begin the next phase of organizing notes and sources by points and suggestions within my theory, mainly because I have enough facts and details to sufficiently argue the point and justify a book. I'm hoping to start writing no later than May 18th, giving me about six weeks to meet my July 1st deadline for a first draft.

This photo shows just one end of my work table...

Monday, April 27, 2015

Walter Bosley on The History Channel

I will be appearing on 'Ancient Aliens' on The History Channel during the Fall 2015 season. Material from EOTW2: Friends From Sonora and an article I wrote for FATE Magazine a few years back (and a recommendation from a friend) is what got me there but the material discussed is not about my books (though there was mention of some pertinent stuff...). As soon as I know the air date(s), I will announce it here.


Saturday, April 25, 2015

TV Gig Coming Up

I'll be doing some TV stuff on Monday which will likely spread out over multiple segments. I'll announce here what the program is and when the episodes in which I'll appear will air, as soon as I know. This weekend I'm going over the list of topics I've been asked to comment upon. I'm looking forward to it and hopefully will not look nor sound like an idiot!

More to follow...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Unexpected Revelations: Something To Ponder

I've stumbled upon an interesting synchronicity concerning one of the seven victims of the 1915 San Bernardino Working and it is sincerely jaw-dropping. Though it points specifically to one victim, it hints also at "Cora Stanton" aka Etta Place.

Let's start with what I read about today: the legend of Tunupa and Lake Titicaca as related in David Childress' Ancient Technology in Peru & Bolivia. Tunupa was one of the elder gods of the ancient Andes and the Titicaca area. He had a dispute with the degenerate people of the local villages and even battled a powerful witch. The account of his demise is very simple: Tunupa died while sailing a raft across Lake Titicaca, specifically the lesser part of the lake, the raft sinking below the depths taking Tunupa to his death. This jumped off the page at me.

Readers of the first volume in the Empire of the Wheel trilogy will be familiar with victim Isidore Josseau, the Frenchman and trapper who died in Baldwin Lake. He was sailing across Baldwin Lake when his raft flipped over and sank -- and Josseau went down with it to his death. So how does this relate to the legend of Tunupa?

1. Tunupa was sailing a raft and Josseau was sailing a raft. Not boats, not canoes, but rafts.

2. Tunupa was sailing the 'lesser lake' of Titicaca, the greater lake of which is about two and a half times bigger than the lesser lake. Josseau was sailing Baldwin Lake, adjacent to Big Bear Lake which is about two and a half times its size.

3. The lesser lake of Titicaca is connected via a narrow strait to the greater lake at its southeast end; Baldwin Lake is located at the eastern end of the bigger Big Bear Lake and between these lakes was a marshland that technically could be argued to connect the two, depending on the season.

4. Peru and Bolivia, including the Lake Titicaca area which they share, are known for gold; Gold was found and could be mined in the greater Big Bear Lake area.

5. Tunupa confronted a witch and other people doing bad things in the villages around Lake Titicaca and died during his confrontation with them -- Might Isidore Josseau have been aware of the occult shenanigans going on in San Bernardino Valley and been murdered for it?

Of the seven mysterious deaths in that autumn of 1915, Josseau's death has always been the one that nagged me for my not yet seeing as overt a connection to the strange circumstances surrounding the others. I've always felt that Rick and I were missing something with Josseau, though we did nail the telluric current 'ley line' aspect of his death. Still, there seemed to be something too random about Josseau as a victim when compared to the others. But here at last is, I suspect, the reason for his selection among the sacrifices. If Josseau stood openly opposed to any of the perpetrators of the impending magical working, it likely would have marked him for death. That his death appears like a reenactment of a mythological figure's death fits right in with the Empire of the Wheel milieu.

And if these little "coincidences" aren't enough for you, remember the presence of Etta Place in all this. Recall that significant period of her life spent in Bolivia (co-location of Lake Titicaca) and Argentina and other South American points of interest. Readers of Empire of the Wheel 2: Friends From Sonora will also know that gold plays a role in her activities down there. Might this sacrificial reenactment of the death of Tunupa have been another pointer that Etta Place was really the mystery woman 'Cora Stanton'?

Consider this: In the first EOTW book, Rick and I analyze the name 'Cora Stanton' and reveal it to mean 'Kore or Persephone' of the 'Place of the Standing Stones' or a cemetery full of headstones. The 'place of standing stones' in which Etta Place was buried as 'Cora Stanton' is south (southwest) of Big Bear Lake and Baldwin Lake (our 'Titicaca' of the mystery now). The ancient ruins of Tiahuanaco are located south of Lake Titicaca and the temple there is called 'Kalasasaya' -- which means The Temple of the Stones Standing Up. I suggest this hints at Etta Place's connection to South America and stands as another clue that it is she who is buried as 'Cora Stanton'.

I can't leave you with anything but the chills, so here's one last bit to ponder. In his book, David Childress tells of the explorations of Lake Titicaca by an organization which reported that on their 2004 expedition they found a cave that has long been a part of local tradition -- a cave that the locals claimed was the site of regular child sacrifice which on one day saw 200 children murdered in ritual sacrifice, according to the legend.Readers of the Empire of the Wheel trilogy will see the connection.

Is all this just a bunch of coincidence?

You'll have to decide that for yourself.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Little Paint, Replace The Plumbing, A Real Fixer-Upper

Readers of Empire of the Wheel II: Friends From Sonora and my upcoming Secret Missions 2: The Lost Expedition of (To Be Announced) will find this story of particular interest. Note the point in the article that says Nazi Germany had a habit of building shelters for their leaders in the event of defeat. Recall that I demonstrated in the second Empire of the Wheel book that the German establishment in South America dates back much farther than the WW2 era. Secret Missions 2 will demonstrate this again. For now, check out the article and accompanying video:

Nazi Lair Found In Jungle


Friday, March 13, 2015

Eerie Tidbit

Here's one for the synchroncity file:

Empire of the Wheel presents data on The Zodiac Killer murders. One author, Steve Hodel, has presented a case that his father was both The Zodiac Killer and The Black Dahlia Killer (for which he was an actual suspect). One police witness in the Black Dahlia case was the victim's roommate at the time of her murder: Ann Toth. I first learned about the 'Cora Stanton' mystery from librarian Anne Toth Walker. Aleister Crowley, who figures in the first Empire of the Wheel book, wrote The Book of Thoth a tarot book sharing the title of a collection of texts with some themes resonant with the Empire of the Wheel mystery, and also features the obvious similarity between the names 'Thoth' and 'Toth'.

Just something to ponder.

Elizabeth Short, The Black Dahlia


I get asked about some aspects of my investigation into the EOTW events which I've been reluctant to discuss in the past, but I've decided to start opening up a little on these things now that the trilogy is behind me. Only on occasion will I lightly comment that I was haunted by 'Cora Stanton' (whom I'm now convinced was Etta Place) for years, long before I ever heard of her. The fact is, there is evidence in my life to suggest this idea.

Back in '82 when this album came out, it fascinated me. I saw the cover before I heard a single note of it and bought it. I listened to it a lot while I was in college. Little did I know that Houdini would factor big later in my life when this Houdini themed album cover compelled me to buy something I hadn't heard. One song in particular, the one linked here, immediately became my favorite on the album. I haven't listened to this in 25 years and now the song has taken on a quality opposite to its feel. When I hear this song now, I don't hear a jumpy tune, I hear a dead woman trapped in the moment of her murder again and again through the years, drowning in a murky lake, a ghost on a spinning carousel of the dead, calling out for my attention yet knowing I won't know about what happened to her for many years. You might say this was the first time I heard her "voice"...More to follow...

Suspended In Gaffa

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Interview Tonight

Walter Bosley interview tonight 730PM PST on Night Vision Radio with Rene Barnett

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The 100th Anniversary

This 7th of May will mark the one hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Lusitania.

For those who haven't read the first book yet, the sinking of the Lusitania is looked at in a new way in the first volume of the Empire of the Wheel trilogy, revealing a possible link to the San Bdernardino Working, a speculative act of black magic perpetrated in Southern California in the autumn of the same year the ship went down. According to the theory of Sesh Heri, presented in the book, there may indeed be a link between these events.

You can purchase a copy of Empire of the Wheel for a discounted price in paperback at this link.

Empire of the Wheel: An Investigation of Occult Espionage and Murder

Monday, March 9, 2015

Secret Missions 2 Update

Update on Secret Missions 2: I'm still very much in the research and investigation phase and some very good things are turning up. The book's outline is essentially mapped and what I've collected is serving to bring things into even better focus. This couldn't happen if my basic thesis were not panning out anything, but it is. Fortunately for me, one of the most important archives I need to consult is quite close, geographically speaking. As regards publication/release of the book, I have a lot more research to do and also some other publishing business to attend to, with a May 1st deadline on my magazine. But I promise you, those who liked Empire of the Wheel 2 and the first Secret Missions book are gonna love this new one. As a matter of fact, I very much (hint hint HINT) recommend that you read Secret Missions: The Hidden Legacy of Old California and especially (HINT) Empire of the Wheel 2: Friends From Sonora while you wait for Secret Missions 2, if you haven't already.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Secret Missions Author At Cabrillo Launch

I'll be attending the launch of the replica of Juan Cabrillo's flagship San Salvador...

Sunday, February 22, 2015

9/11: A Touch of Magic

I don't intend to write a book about this particular thought but it happens to resonate with what I've written in Empire of the Wheel 3: The Nameless Ones thus I feel compelled to at least post it here.
     Just a few days ago, I received a copy of Dr Joseph P. Farrell's LBJ And The Conspiracy To Kill Kennedy and am reading it for the first time. My initial reaction was to wish I had read this book prior to writing EOTW3 but I've changed that position. I much prefer knowing that I'm not the only one out there -- and certainly not the first -- to suspect that certain events in US history were engineered acts of high magic perpetrated upon the psyche of the American people. I say perpetrated because I see these acts as criminal enterprises, or rather one big criminal enterprise with no good intention for the nation or its people. In EOTW3, you will find a list of said events that I identify as these acts of magic. I discovered that Dr Farrell includes some of the same major events that I do, specifically the assassination of JFK but those of MLK and RFK are also discussed in the same context so I'll include them on his list as they are also on mine. Farrell includes the Atomic bomb, as do I in EOTW3.
     The result of these inclusions, and the context in which they are discussed by Farrell in his book -- especially within the theoretical framework of Micheal Hoffman, whose work I also cite -- encouraged me, for I see that other serious researchers recognize the same idea. Even more confident that I am on the right track, my mind was set upon specifics of the events on my EOTW3 list that are not discussed in Dr. Farrell's LBJ book. I intend to post my analyses of certain events on my list in this blog as an appendix to the list in EOTW3.
     Essentially, I will identify the elements of the magical act in terms of an alchemical act. Permit me to quote Dr Farrell at length: LBJ, Farrell, Pg 191 Para 2:

"...One of the goals of esoteric alchemy is the transformation of mankind (itself), that is, to create, via a magical operation, a transformation of consciousness in a group of individuals, in this case, the psyche of the American people and culture themselves.... In normal alchemical doctrine, this esoteric transformation is understood to be an operation of white, or 'good', magic to elevate and illuminate the consciousness of an individual, to make them more compassionate, more human. The JFK assassination, conversely, has all the hallmarks of black magic, of the evil searing, scarring and dehumanizing debasement of the American people."

That's the point I'm reiterating here: That the JFK assassination and certain other events in US history have been engineered to destroy the will and higher humanity of the American people. Why us? Mainly because we've been the ones who have stood and defeated major political evils in the past century and more. Also because our experiment has offended certain global-minded elitists from the very start. We've been in their sights since the Revolution. Why an alchemical working? Why not just a conventional invasion? Because we've been attacked before and, until the working we'll look at here, attack or invasion served to piss us off and make us rather formidable. A psychological attack is more effective and complete.

So, let's give credit to Michael Hoffman, as does Dr Farrell, and consider the three essential alchemical workings in a few of these magical acts like assassinations:

1.  The bringing of the Philospher's Stone or prima materia from the heavens to Earth and embodying it in a physical three-dimensional form.

2.  The creation and destruction and that prima materia.

3.  The Killing or Sacrifice of the King.

Chapter Five of Farrell's LBJ book provides his application of this three-step process to the JFK assassination. You will find it very interesting. Here I suggest this process was applied to the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC.

1.  The bringing of the prima materia to Earth from the heavens.

270 lunar rocks were brought to Earth by NASA's Apollo program and two thirds of them are missing, one source numbering the missing rocks at 180. These rocks are of the Moon, not of Earth, thus are from the "heavens". The Apollo Moon rocks represent the prima materia.

Of the rocks missing are those gifted to ten nations around the world, one of them Malta, which has a history of esoterica. However, two US states, Delaware and New Jersey cannot account for their missing lunar rocks. The point is, almost two hundred samples of prima materia are missing and have been for years.

Where are they? Who has them? What might they be doing with them?

Anyplace, anyone and anywhere. I say the perpetrators of 9/11 (not necessarily the morons who hijacked the planes) have lunar rocks in their possession.

2.   The creation and destruction of the prima materia.

Consider what Farrell said above, that the JFK assassination was an act of black magic, emphasizing the negative. In that context, we'll apply here the destruction of the prima materia. Destroying the lunar rocks aka prima materia fulfills this step, it would simply require a piece of lunar rock be located where destruction takes place.

I have yet to find a NASA office or assets/resources located in the WTC on 9/11/2001, but there was a Department of Defense office in WTC 7 which was a casualty of that day. Not to mention the biggest DoD office of them all was attacked, The Pentagon. All it would have taken was a piece of lunar rock to be placed in a file cabinet, buried in a file. It could even have been a decorative paperweight on someone's desk and they would not have had to know it was a lunar rock. The point would have been to have it in the right place at the right time to be destroyed in the attack.

What specifically does NASA have to do with the DoD? Chapter 7, Title 35 of the United States Code which identifies the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as a defense agency of the United States. It is cited in Section 305(i) of the NASA charter. It isn't merely the technological development that has benefitted both NASA and DoD that links the agencies, it's formal. Therefore it is quite conceivable that a DoD office in WTC 7 could have possessed a piece of lunar rock aka prima materia. The same prima materia in the Pentagon is a no-brainer.

Now I do not think 9/11 was an inside job in the traditional sense. The Bush administration did not perpetrate these attacks. However, possible suspects unfortunately have links to DoD and NASA historically and likely at present. I was a counterespionage agent. There is a reason we put applicants to our ranks through extensive backgrounds and polygraphs and the like. Spies and double agents are a reality. I suspect, within the context of this analysis, that a lunar rock sample aka prima materia would have been put in place by one of these agents one way or another, even if just a gift to personnel assigned to WTC 7 or the Pentagon. However it would have been done, the prima materia simply needed to be at one of the attack sites to be destroyed.

3.  The Killing or Sacrifice of the King

In the past, kings and presidents have been murdered. With 9/11/2001, this was not the tactic. Instead, the Presidency of the United States itself was sacrificed. Since the 2000 election, the American people have been more divided about Presidential politics than we've ever been in modern times. In fact, a larger number of Americans simply choose not to vote. As many people as there are who question the 2000 election of George W Bush, there are easily the same number of people who question the legality of Obama's election. Aside from the Bush and Obama controversies, Americans have divided into special interest demographics which demand a candidate to their exact liking or they simply do not vote. Cynicism and apathy with our electoral system is at a peak and is the reason for the critical mass of voters being reduced to a dangerously low number. Because enough people actually believe our presidential elections are completely rigged, they don't participate -- in spite of the fact that, if elections truly were all fixed, the perpetrators would not need to play games with hanging chads or ignore proof-of-citizenship standards. They could just lie about how many votes the winner got. The objective was to convince a large number of Americans that their vote doesn't have any power and they have succeeded.

Essentially, the perpetrators did not have to assassinate Bush nor Obama to 'Kill the King'. Both men are hated and untrusted equally, an alarming number of Americans have given up on presidential elections, and the Presidency has been at its all time lowest point of respect, in the years since 9/11/2001. This is a Sacrifice of the King.

So there are my thoughts on one event on my list of black magical acts committed against the psyche of the American people. I will add that I was in the Middle East when 9/11 happened. I tuned into the US broadcast of CNN (while waiting for more detailed info from professional sources as I was in the ME on a CT job) and saw nothing but panic and emotion, very little hard news, and the asshole Bill Clinton running around town 'feeling everyone's pain'. I had to tune into BBC and the English language broadcast of German news to get actual hard news reporting. American reporters were focused on emotions and drama and repeating scant details. That was noticable to me then. I returned home a month later and stayed in the DC area for an additional four months on protective detail in the aftermath. I observed more than the expected public shock that is natural and to be expected, I sensed something underneath the surface that seemed, frankly, robotic in nature. I am a military officer (inactive reserve), a former federal agent, a national security professional most of my adult life. Believe me, I love my country. I was in the friggin' Middle East hunting the bastards down before and after. But there was something about the type of patriotism I was seeing that concerned me. More specifically, something about the psyche of everyone here after 9/11. It has never recovered.

Those are my thoughts. It's what I have suspected for several years. There is something most unfunny strange going on here, folks. I'll leave you with a last bit to chew on. It involves a concept called The Revelation of Method.

The Revelation of Method is essentially when you show your victim what you have done and can do to them and they are so traumatized already that they will do nothing to stop you or even consciously acknowledge it.

Is there a Revelation of Method of the 9/11/2001 attacks? Indeed there is and very few of you will even seriously consider it and then only a brief time if you do. The perpetrators behind the morons who flew the planes into the buildings have revealed what they did to the World Trade Center towers. It's illustrated in detail in a little known book titled Where Did The Towers Go? by Judy Wood, PhD. Look at that book and ignore the noise of derision you might hear about the author and the book's contents.

I'll be back with another analysis of an event on my list of black magical acts committed on the American psyche. In the meantime, chew on the above.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

First Interview of 2015: Secret Missions

Here is my latest interview. We discuss the Juan Cabrillo/Templar mystery. The audio is a little echo up to the first 30 minutes but clears after that.

Walter Bosley on Project Camelot with Kerry Cassidy