Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Little Paint, Replace The Plumbing, A Real Fixer-Upper

Readers of Empire of the Wheel II: Friends From Sonora and my upcoming Secret Missions 2: The Lost Expedition of (To Be Announced) will find this story of particular interest. Note the point in the article that says Nazi Germany had a habit of building shelters for their leaders in the event of defeat. Recall that I demonstrated in the second Empire of the Wheel book that the German establishment in South America dates back much farther than the WW2 era. Secret Missions 2 will demonstrate this again. For now, check out the article and accompanying video:

Nazi Lair Found In Jungle


Friday, March 13, 2015

Eerie Tidbit

Here's one for the synchroncity file:

Empire of the Wheel presents data on The Zodiac Killer murders. One author, Steve Hodel, has presented a case that his father was both The Zodiac Killer and The Black Dahlia Killer (for which he was an actual suspect). One police witness in the Black Dahlia case was the victim's roommate at the time of her murder: Ann Toth. I first learned about the 'Cora Stanton' mystery from librarian Anne Toth Walker. Aleister Crowley, who figures in the first Empire of the Wheel book, wrote The Book of Thoth a tarot book sharing the title of a collection of texts with some themes resonant with the Empire of the Wheel mystery, and also features the obvious similarity between the names 'Thoth' and 'Toth'.

Just something to ponder.

Elizabeth Short, The Black Dahlia


I get asked about some aspects of my investigation into the EOTW events which I've been reluctant to discuss in the past, but I've decided to start opening up a little on these things now that the trilogy is behind me. Only on occasion will I lightly comment that I was haunted by 'Cora Stanton' (whom I'm now convinced was Etta Place) for years, long before I ever heard of her. The fact is, there is evidence in my life to suggest this idea.

Back in '82 when this album came out, it fascinated me. I saw the cover before I heard a single note of it and bought it. I listened to it a lot while I was in college. Little did I know that Houdini would factor big later in my life when this Houdini themed album cover compelled me to buy something I hadn't heard. One song in particular, the one linked here, immediately became my favorite on the album. I haven't listened to this in 25 years and now the song has taken on a quality opposite to its feel. When I hear this song now, I don't hear a jumpy tune, I hear a dead woman trapped in the moment of her murder again and again through the years, drowning in a murky lake, a ghost on a spinning carousel of the dead, calling out for my attention yet knowing I won't know about what happened to her for many years. You might say this was the first time I heard her "voice"...More to follow...

Suspended In Gaffa

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Interview Tonight

Walter Bosley interview tonight 730PM PST on Night Vision Radio with Rene Barnett

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The 100th Anniversary

This 7th of May will mark the one hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Lusitania.

For those who haven't read the first book yet, the sinking of the Lusitania is looked at in a new way in the first volume of the Empire of the Wheel trilogy, revealing a possible link to the San Bdernardino Working, a speculative act of black magic perpetrated in Southern California in the autumn of the same year the ship went down. According to the theory of Sesh Heri, presented in the book, there may indeed be a link between these events.

You can purchase a copy of Empire of the Wheel for a discounted price in paperback at this link.

Empire of the Wheel: An Investigation of Occult Espionage and Murder

Monday, March 9, 2015

Secret Missions 2 Update

Update on Secret Missions 2: I'm still very much in the research and investigation phase and some very good things are turning up. The book's outline is essentially mapped and what I've collected is serving to bring things into even better focus. This couldn't happen if my basic thesis were not panning out anything, but it is. Fortunately for me, one of the most important archives I need to consult is quite close, geographically speaking. As regards publication/release of the book, I have a lot more research to do and also some other publishing business to attend to, with a May 1st deadline on my magazine. But I promise you, those who liked Empire of the Wheel 2 and the first Secret Missions book are gonna love this new one. As a matter of fact, I very much (hint hint HINT) recommend that you read Secret Missions: The Hidden Legacy of Old California and especially (HINT) Empire of the Wheel 2: Friends From Sonora while you wait for Secret Missions 2, if you haven't already.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Secret Missions Author At Cabrillo Launch

I'll be attending the launch of the replica of Juan Cabrillo's flagship San Salvador...