Thursday, December 13, 2018

Updates: 13 December 18

Hey folks!

I've been doing regular live sessions on The Walter Bosley Channel at YouTube for some months now, with the regular schedule finally settling on Sunday nights at 5:30 pm PST. They last a minimum of two hours and will increasingly stick to topics relative to my research. These initial weeks have been to acquaint the new viewers with me and my perspectives as well as commentary on events pertinent to the aspects of alternative research I'm involved with on a usual basis.

The new book, while delayed a few months, is actually going along very well. What I thought would certainly be a most interesting volume of average length (for me) in the Secret Missions series has evolved into what could be the best book in the series and perhaps of all my works so far. I want to do this one particularly well and that means doing it right so I'm taking my time. It will be worth the wait and it has relevance to contemporary issues despite focusing on Nineteenth Century figures and events.

Empire of the Wheel TV series development is also going strong! The producer is putting together the final elements of the package and hopefully not too far into the new year I will have an announcement regarding a network/streaming service.

I have been asked to appear on a Travel Channel reality series. Shooting will happen sometime in January or February, per the producer/show runner who asked me to keep that span of time open. The focus of my involvement will feature my theory on the Roswell incident and related topics. Once the date is set for shooting (and I know it's happening), I will announce which show.

I have said all year that I don't know with what I will follow up Secret Missions 4, but I may have something. For the past couple of years I've been looking at a contemporary situation here in the US that appears to have very particular roots dating back a few centuries. I will be pulling serious threads on this issue and if I'm right and there's something substantial enough to justify a book, I'll announce that. This prospective book will make a logical companion to Secret Missions 1, my Cabrillo/Sword book, though to what degree it will relate directly to the events and issues in that book I can't presently say, other than it will in a general sense. It's too early for me to say anything in that regard but it will be a most interesting one.

In the meantime, I'll be working steadily through the holidays on Secret Missions 4, while enjoying Christmas along the way.

More to follow...