Friday, August 30, 2013

EOW2 On The Paracast This Sunday!

This Sunday, September 1st, I'll be on The Paracast with Christopher O'Brien and Gene Steinberg.

We recorded the interview yesterday and it went very well, I think. I look forward to the response...

The Paracast

Thursday, August 22, 2013

EOW3: Checking In

Rick and I have begun sharing research notes for EOW3. I've been doing much documentary research and reading, finding some very interesting connections to add to the mountain of strangeness. I will be taking a field trip this fall -- maybe two -- and will have comments on that after my return.

Interesting Note:  The books are selling (small numbers but steady). I'm finding no commenting yet plenty of downloads on interviews already broadcast. Also, a couple of radio/podcast hosts initially interested in interviewing me are oddly MIA. A local newspaper that covered the first book, read the new book and requested graphics to accompany an article, has curiously not run the article and doesn't respond to an email tickler. I am told by colleagues close to the investigation that it's a bit of quiet before the storm, so to speak. Perhaps they're waiting for the third book? Yet the books sell (very small yet steady) and to good reviews.

What to think?