Friday, November 7, 2014

McStay Murders Suspect Arrested. Solved?

Authorities arrested Chase Merritt, former business partner of Joseph McStay, for the murders of McStay and his wife and children. The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department seems satisfied they have their man. I will post my analysis of this development once I've studied all available data on the Merritt option.

I would remind EOW3 readers that it does not matter who ordered the murders or why -- the key factor in the EOW link is the burial site: smack dab on telluric current ("ley line").

It may also interest readers to know that SB County Sheriff John McMahon had stated that the case data and the murder site indicated an orchestrated effort by multuiple perpetrators. Now he claims it was a lot more simple and carried out by the 57 year old business partner, Merritt, all on his own. Sheriff McMahon also stated that the murders of the McStays and their small children happened in the Fallbrook home and apparently the bodies were carried to the Apple Valley burial site. Blunt-force trauma was the cause of death, according to the authorities. We must keep in mind that even though not even a hint was given that the murders happened in the home during four years of reporting on this case, such evidence that might indicate the murders did happen in the home could very well have been suppressed by investigators, as is often done.

Does this eliminate the McStay case from the EOW milieu? Absolutely not. The bodies were indeed found on a telluric current site. What that means remains under analysis. The fact is, that site was selected for some reason.

I'm not saying Merritt didn't have a hand in the murders. He may very well have. But under the circumstances, it smells like Lone Gunman theory to me...

More to be sure...

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