Monday, December 29, 2014

Another Skype Chat With EOW Author Bosley This Tuesday

Tuesday at 7PM PST, go to the Skype room 'Walter Bosley Chat Group'.

Topics are the EOW books, the Secret Missions book(s), Latitude 33:Key to the Kingdom, my works of fiction and Lost Continent Library, along with classic movies.

I look forward to a great discussion!

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  1. Hi Walter – I came across a coincidence that I thought I’d share which might give you a smile.
    Here in Ireland there is just 1 church of St Catherine of Alexandria that I could find. It’s in Meath Street, Dublin, and in the small hours of January 2nd 2012 (almost the 469th anniversary of the reported death of Juan Cabrillo), a barefoot man claiming to be Jesus Christ burned it down, (see link below). It was since restored at a cost of $5.2m so Hecate reigns on in the centre of the capital.
    Keep up the good work – James
    web link :