Monday, January 23, 2017

Thoughts About The Trump-and-Russia Thing

This is just an informal thought or two I thought I'd share.

Consider this: Yes, the Lefty/Dems are hoping to come up with one accusation after the other to cause trouble for President Trump, but the Russian thing has another layer.

The Russians are not the Soviets anymore. There is much hyperbole and spin applied to events involving Russia, all of it aimed at starting a new cold war, possibly leading to regional shooting wars which the mil-ind complex can profit from in their mad quest for Pax Americana. To do that, they'll need a cutout bad guy, so the Russians are being constantly pushed as a 'national security threat'. It's a ruse.

Now suppose there was some big move being prepared in the last two years or so and the Russians knew it. Suppose it involved the Chinese and their old friends the Clintons, and also whichever mafia backs Obama, I say the Soros branch of the Nazi International. This indicates to me the hand of NYMZA, that globalist power behind both. And with NYMZA in the mix, you have the fascist Nazi International creation: the military-industrial complex and its top ally, the Neocons. This might mean that whoever ran for president was assumed to be still under some control or serious influence of either the Lefty mafia or the Neocon mafia, and all under the NYMZA banner. Whatever move was planned was considered a sure thing, whoever won the election.

Along comes Trump, rather along comes the only mafia that can stand on equal ground with NYMZA and give them real resistance and they back Trump. I say it's The 1903 but it could be someone else with their same values -- values in opposition to the NYMZA, the Nazi International, the Left, the Neocons, the Globalists. This opposition group backs Trump and who on the global scene hates Nazis as much as anyone?

Russians. Distinctly Russians. The spirit of USSR resistance to the Nazis during WW2 was not really a Soviet product, it was the Russian people. It's not their fault that Stalin and the Soviet regime turned out to be as bad on a bigger scale as Hitler. Presently, the Russians have a nationalist president in Putin, former KGB officer that he is. With Putin and Russia, we have a national power outside of the NYMZA mafia control and the globalists are not happy. They want Russia smacked down as soon as possible because they know the key to their globalist plan is to discourage nationalism of any kind -- because nationalism is the wrench in the globalist machine. And, lo and behold, the Globalist NYMZA's worst nightmare: Putin and the Russians stand on the Trump side of the line in the sand.

What can they do? For starters, they can see to it that political media constantly demonizes the Russians. They can also push for accusations of wrongdoing and lawbreaking on the part of the Trump administration in their associations with the Russians. They use the useful Lefty idiots in the American public (Democrats, Obama devotees, etc) much the same way the Neocons use their useful idiots (far right conservatives, half of Fox News, McCain, Rubio, Graham etc) to hammer away and hopefully plant seeds in the mind of the masses: Nationalism is always bad, Nationalism must be stopped, Nationalism must be subject to global power, America should be just a product in the brand line of the Neocon Mil-Industrial Corporation, etc etc. I suggest that the Russian stake in American nationalism is the strengthening of their own resistance to the globalists. That's why we see call for a new cold war against the Russians: their resistance to globalism.

Nationalism is the greatest force against globalism. It forces nations to cooperate in resistance to global tyranny. One cause, but each under their own flag. Nationalism keeps globalist tyrants in check -- and the globalists know it. Putin has decided to keep Russia strong. I do not see where he's trying to re-create a Soviet Union. Trump wants a strong America that is not a puppet for the Neocon mil-industrial complex. The idea that we may team up in opposition to the globalists, if for no other reason, scares the hell out of the NYMZA so naturally their puppets are working very hard to convince you that Trump and Putin are up to no good.

So that big move I mentioned? It may be that Putin and Trump have been aware of what it was. Trump's job was to win the election, Putin's was to help the NYMZA candidate lose the election. Obama could have pulled bigger, more powerful antics in his last days but again something stopped him from going that far. I say the group behind Trump. Read my post about Trump and the Sonora Aero Club. Trump's mafia (The 1903?) likely communicated to Obama's masters that there would be consequences should the outgoing president try anything drastic. NYMZA and the Left were foiled and they are very angry thus the lashing out against the Russians. They must foment a resistance to cooperation between America and Russia, specifically Trump and Putin.

The Globalists do not want a new era.

Just my thoughts this afternoon.



  1. Absolutely cogent and brilliant and essential for the American people to understand. Walter, I'm not yet sure of the most effective Avenue, and I am far from confident and a positive outcome when the Federal Reserve can so easily employed the economy, but I feel it is a moral obligation to circulate these truths as widely as possible. Perhaps if nothing else we can create a Beloved Community in which in some measure we can watch out for one another a bit. I cannot thank you enough for your simple and penetrating insight. I'm just down the road from you and Norco and hope to personally make your acquaintance sometime. Please keep up the high quality and necessary work you are doing.....yours, Craig Merrihue.

  2. P.S. I am not this Kath Pickering person.

  3. Look at the disruptions since this post. I felt so relieved when Trump won however that confidence is diminishing Trump has made some good moves but the opposition isn't like anything I ever seen. I hope you post more on this topic. I was captivated By the ETW series. I did nothing else except read all three over several days. I can't express why I was so drawn to this story but I know intuitively what you are uncovering is true or mostly true.It raises so many questions concerning connections in general and also what forces are behind our perceived reality. Linda