Wednesday, October 11, 2017

New Video Mini-Series Instead of Book

I have decided to present my NYMZA material in a different medium than a book, which means you get for free what would have been in the book. The first segment of my NYMZA research/speculations video mini-series has posted:

NYMZA: The Hand Behind Globalism

Thanks for your support!


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  2. edited out some grid stuff info after watching 4 SEPT '17 vid:) I can give you the info on that privately.
    Just finished reading the hardcopy of Origin (4 other hardcopies sitting on the shelf here waiting EOTW 1/2/3, SL ), which everyone should own anyhow < emphasis on that.... So much in the book that previous presentations could not even touch on.
    Hope this wasn't the one you and Binnall recently spoke about being hacked :(

    There's an important rather unknown book I need to mention to you from a few decades ago (yikes), can be had cheap (or free from me I keep multiples). I won't post it out in the open for now.
    Not sure how to contact you other than here.( I looked and I do keep things brief yes )
    Anyhow I hope people appreciate the amount of work behind all this, let alone these now free video versions which also take time etc.
    Much appreciated