Thursday, June 14, 2018

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As the producer and development writer hammer out their exciting vision for the EOTW series, I'm opening up a little about something I've referred to elsewhere for almost a year as 'Secret Project 1' -- which is the development of another one of my books for television. The producer on this project came to me last summer and I kept mostly vague on it until now. I will reveal which book when the contract is final and the project moves to the next step.

This weekend, if you're in Pasadena, California, I will be at the AlienCon on Saturday, June 16th. This event is for the History Channel show Ancient Aliens on which I appeared in 2015 in an episode about Werner Von Braun. This episode gets replayed a lot so you may have seen it. I've also been acquainted with David Childress for sixteen years and he introduced me to Giorgio Tsoukalos back in '04. I look forward to seeing those guys and others I know this weekend. If you're there, look around for me.

Presently I'm immersed in the academic part of research for what will likely be Secret Missions 4, as yet untitled. I'm also working a little on my pulp fiction stuff as I gotta have some fun, too.

More to follow...

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